Business Areas

Our business areas

At Recommit we have two business areas – Consulting and Subcontracting.

All employees are part of the Consulting business area, but it is also possible to team up with us as a partner or subcontractor in the Subcontractor business area. In both cases you will be part of our consultant network.

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As a consultant at Recommit, you will help our customers develop, use and integrate IT systems. You’ll take the hassle out of resolving technical problems and provide innovative solutions to complex business critical challenges to maximize the value of technology in business. To work from the point of change, to find innovative technical solutions and to think in the terms of processes is our independent challenge.

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Recommit is always interested in talking to IT professionals to become registered subcontractors with us for adding value to the service we provide our clients. We often use the services of subcontractors to assist us with a particular project for a specific period of time to help us continue to deliver the high standards our clients have come to expect.

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